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when we speak of being "color blind" we call it a defect. but there could easily be other different capacities, none of which are manifestly better or worse than others - and we should also remember that a person could spend his entire life without ever noticing that he is color blind until some special event shows this to be the case.

in a film, as in a photograph, although the face and hair seem grey, they seem quite natural. on the other hand, in a film, the food on a plate often seems grey and therefore, quite unappetising. (ludwig wittgenstein)

w/ alexandra cruz, ângelo torres, ricardo aibéu,

21 min., 35mm, color and b/w, 2000

best national director, international short film festival vila do conde, 2001
best short film, film festival caminhos do cinema português, coimbra, 2002

prod.: LX Filmes, Lisboa