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collected short stories



The End of Something

A Sense of Reality

New York

An Unfinished Story

In Another Country

Alexandra Leaving

You Said Something

Tonight We Fly

A Drive in the Country

The End of the Party

A Scientific and Literary Friendship

The Route to Leh

A Day Saved

Banal Story

The Blue Film

A Distant Episode

Travelling Light

September Story

You are not I

Dinner at the Motel

The Apartment Building (Project for a Novel)

One Day

A Mobile Home


My Side of the Matter

The Scene of a Stratagem

One Sunday Afternoon

The Circle of Reason

The Spanish Waitress

It Will Happen

Dream of a Strange Land



published in paperback by power books



Affairs, obsessions, ardours, fantasy, myth, legend and dream, fear, pity and violence

- this magnificent collection of stories illuminates all corners of the human experience.

Previously unpublished these thirty-one stories reveal Daniel Blaufuks in a range of

contrasting moods, sometimes cynical and witty, sometimes searching and philosophical.


cover photograph of the author © Daniel Blaufuks